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Eric hangs Christina over the chasm in new ‘DIVERGENT’ clip!

This week is Divergent week on Moviefone! They will be premiering a week’s worth of exclusive features — video, behind-the-scenes blogs, concept art, and more.

In this brand new clip from Divergent exclusively revealed by Moviefone Eric hangs Christina over the chasm.

See Divergent in theaters on March 21st. You can purchase your tickets now.

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WATCH: New Full Length @DIVERGENT Trailer Released!


Yesterday we got to see an 18 second teaser of the trailer. We also got a new Divergent poster of Tris and Four looking out over Chicago.

Today we officially have a full length trailer from Summit:

Share your thoughts on the new Divergent trailer in the comments or tweet at @DivergentFction

DIVERGENT will be Coming to Theaters and IMAX March 21st, 2014.

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New DIVERGENT Character Portraits and Bio’s Revealed!


Today has been filed with lots of amazingness for us Initiates. Now we have a bunch of character portraits from the official Divergent website.

A bio comes along with the character portraits explaining who each character is:

tris prior shailene woodley

tris prior shailene woodley name

Originally born into Abnegation, Tris is idealistic,
vulnerable, brave and compassionate. When faced with
the biggest decision of her life, she struggles between
choosing her family and her yearning desire
to discover her true identity.

four tobias eaton theo james

four tobias eaton theo james name

Strong, mentally tough and emotionally guarded,
Four is one of the leaders in the Dauntless faction
with a mysterious past. As an instructor,
Four becomes close to Tris and helps
guide her during her initiation process.

jeanine matthews kate winslet

jeanine matthews kate winslet name

Leader of the Erudite faction, Jeanine is cold,
calculating, and wickedly manipulative. Despite
her gifted intelligence, Jeanine’s unscrupulous
desire for absolute control poses a serious threat
to the five factions.

tori maggie q

tori maggie q name

Tori is a member of the Dauntless faction. She
administers Tris’aptitude test and first discovers
that Tris is Divergent. As she continues to
provide Tris with advice, thetwo establish a bond
that helps Tris throughout her journey.

eric jai courtney

eric jai courtney name

Eric is a tough, brutal leader in the
Dauntless faction who becomes an early
adversary to Tris.

max mekhi phifer

max mekhi phifer name

Fierce, fearless, and intense, Max establishes
himself as one of the premiere leaders
within the Dauntless faction.

christina zoe zoë kravitz

christina zoe zoë kravitz name

Born into Candor, Christina is kind, empathetic, but
also fearless. She instantly befriends Tris as they
enter the Dauntless faction together.

al christian madsen

al christian madsen name

Born into Candor but aspiring to be Dauntless,
Al’s natural kind-heartedness prevents him from
fitting in. Big, warm, and at times clumsy, al is
constantly torn between friendship and envy.

edward ben lamb

edward ben lamb name

With exceptional close-encounter combat skills,
Edward has the rare athleticism to thrive as a
Dauntless initiate despite his Erudite upbringing.

molly amy newbold

molly amy newbold name

As a Dauntless initiate, Molly uses brute strength
and intense cruelty to compete against her peers.

peter miles teller

peter miles teller name

Originally born into Candor, Peter joins
Dauntless and uses evil cunning and cruel
violence to advance in the initiation process.

will ben lloyd-hughes

will ben lloyd-hughes name

In contrast to the other Dauntless initiates, Will
is able to apply his Erudite intelligence and use
teamwork as a strength during their initiation.

andrew tony goldwyn

andrew tony goldwyn name

A leader of the Abnegation faction, Andrew is a loving
and devoted father to Tris and Caleb.

caleb ansel elgort

caleb ansel elgort name

Tris’s older brother, Caleb is selfless at heart but
chooses to leave his home for a life of knowledge
in the Erudite faction.

marcus ray stevenson

marcus ray stevenson name

As a council member of the Abnegation faction,
Marcus struggles between his family and
the responsibility of leading a faction
faced with uncertainty.

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WATCH: Incredible 12 Minute Behind-The-Scenes Look at DIVERGENT Filming!

I know all of us Initiates have been dying to get a glimpse at the filming of Divergent. Well here is a 12 minute look at some behind the scenes filming of Divergent. The behind the scenes footage includes Tris choosing her new name, ferris wheel scenes, training sessions, fight scenes, knife throwing scenes, and more. This video is a must watch for Divergent fans.

This video seriously makes me way more excited to see the Divergent movie!

Divergent will be in theaters and IMAX on March 21, 2014.

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DIVERGENT App Now Available in the App Store!

The release of the Divergent movie is getting closer and closer. Summit has created  Divergent app for the film. The app features new and never before seen still of Edward, Christina, Natalie, Andrew, Tris and Caleb Prior, Tori, Max, Eric, Tobias and Marcus Eaton, Molly, Peter, Will and Al. Thanks to our Affiliates Divergents UK and IamDivergent we have some of the stills.

You can order the DIVERGENT app here.

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Ben Lamb Talks the Butter Knife Scene, Neil Burger & What Attracted Him to the Role of Edward in DIVERGENT!

Ben Lamb

Ben Lamb(Edward) was recently interviewed by The Daily Quirk. During the interview Ben talks The White Queen, Divergent and more.

TDQ: Oh wow, that is really scary. You’ve mentioned previously that you were auditioning for your next big role, Edward in the movie adaption of Veronica Roth’s dystopian sci-fi thriller Divergent, while you were still filming The White Queen. Can you tell me what that was like?

BL: It was stressful. Very stressful. It was stressful, but it was also exciting. I think I wasn’t expecting my career…I knew that The White Queen was going to open doors for me, but I didn’t expect it so fast. And it was all very exciting, but it was also tiring because I was also shooting. I flew to LA twice to get that role. I was Skyping with the director [Neil Burger] while I was in Belgium and I was Skyping with the director on a really bad wi-fi, in Chicago and, you know, just trying to get the role. So, it was time consuming and stressful. And then I would come back jetlagged and keep filming, but it was all worth it in the end.

TDQ: So, what attracted you to the role of Edward?

BL: I think that he is one of the most exciting character transformations in the [Divergent] novels. I think it’s very rare that you get the chance, as an actor, to be like a golden boy at the start, but at the end be this dark, grizzled, bitter [character] that lost his eye. It’s just a really exciting opportunity for me to explore throughout however many books or movies it’s going to be, to explore that character changing so much. And also, clearly, I am a guy, so I’m going to like running around rooftops with a gun.

TDQ: That’s always the dream. Had you ever read the book previously?

BL: No, I had never even heard of the book. But it was also very exciting to find that there was a dedicated and loyal and excited fanbase, for those novels. Because I think that a lot of my work has either been Shakespeare or based on novels. So, it was quite exciting to do another adaptation that has a large following.

TDQ: Like you said, Edward, has a, shall we say, an unfortunate accident with a butter knife. Can you tell me about shooting that scene?

BL: It’s actually the first time I crossed paths with prosthetics. Kevin Haley, who worked on, amongst other thingsPlanet of the Apes, came up with the whole idea for how you could technically achieve the look of having a guy get stabbed in the eye. It was about two hours, as far as I can remember, getting that make-up on. And it was basically plastic surrounding the eye, covered with layers of fake skin. When I first got cast, I was driving around from place to place. getting tailored for the costumes, and getting a full head cast made up with Kevin and Brad [Brevet] the make-up designer. And he’d actually, Kevin, had made a fake closed-eye.  So, One eye that was closed and the other was very tightly clenched-closed and that was the eye he used for the stabbed eye. He stuck that on last and did the airbrushing for that. He put the make-up on and I went to set, obviously and there was a lot of blood applied at the set. And then it’s just a case of acting, but I think a lot of the hard work had been done for me, in terms of acting because the set is really amazing and atmospheric for that particular scene. And the make-up, I didn’t have to think very hard about how much actual pain I would actually be in, in that situation.

TDQ: Have you been able to see the finished scene?

BL: No, I haven’t. No, I have friends that were watching the monitors and they say it looked pretty gory. So, I think, that the gorier the better, because in the books, that incident incites a lot of emotional reflection from Tris [played by Shailene Woodley]. So hopefully that’s what we’ve achieved.

TDQ: What was it like working with Neil Burger, the director ofLimitless, The Illusionist and now, Divergent?

BL: Really, really amazing. I’m delighted to have the opportunity to work with Neil. When I was auditioning in LA, I used to leave the audition then call the manager and be like, ’This guy is amazing.’ It’s reasonably rare that you get a director where every single note that they give improves the performance. I think, normally, or often directors are groping for the right direction just as much as the actor is groping for the right interpretation. It doesn’t always come first time. But somehow, Neil has this amazing ability to come up with the exact note, without telling me how to do it. He comes up with the exact right note in every situation. And that’s something that I really admire and that’s something that’s really helpful to the film in general. I think, also, he has an incredible eye for the image or the overall look. And that’s another attribute in a director you don’t get very often, when you have somebody who is very visual, but also has a great eye for the emotional landscape of the movie. It was just really exciting.

TDQ: He definitely has a particular aesthetic to his movies.

BL: And also, it changes every time. It’s not like he is a one trick pony. He has a different look. You know, it’s not like he chooses the same visual language every time. It’s something that is also very cool.

TDQ: How about working with fellow cast members?

BL: I think everyone was great. It was really exciting to get the opportunity to work with Shailene [Woodley]. I mean, a lot of the actors I didn’t get to meet until after we shot. I met quite a few of them at [San Diego] Comic Con. It’s just the nature of the scene. Tris has her one-to-one scenes with several characters, like in the books. And they’re doing training together and that’s where the action happens. Working with everyone was a joy. All of the producers and Neil and everyone else’s involvement was pretty great. It was a great working with everyone.

Click here to see the full interview.

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On Thursday, MTV unveiled a tease of the Divergent trailer. Today our Tris, Tobias and Peter, Shailene Woodley, Theo James and Miles Teller debuted the teaser trailer on MTV’s VMAs Pre-Show.


Here is the youtube version:

What are your thoughts Initiates?!