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Veronica Roth will host event in Chicago with Garth Nix on October 20th!

Veronica Roth will be hosting an event in Chicago along with Garth Nix.

Chicagoans! And near-Chicagoans! You should come see us! Here is the info:

Where? Athenaeum Theatre, 2936 N. Southport Ave., Chicago
When? Monday, October 20th, at 6:00pm

How? Ticket information is here.

If you are not a Chicagoan or near-Chicagoan or just can’t make it out to see us, I have good news for you, too! The event will be livestreamed, and you can RSVP in advance/catch the event on October 20th here: http://www.epicreads.com/features/rothnix/

To read everything that Veronica Roth wrote in her post click here.

It doesn’t say if there will be a signing but I am pretty sure there will be.

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See Ansel Elgort as Caleb Prior in the first ‘INSURGENT’ poster!

Yesterday the Divergent snapchat revealed that something would be coming today.

It is in fact the first poster from Insurgent and MTV has unveiled it.

The still features Ansel Elgort as Caleb Prior. Check it out below!


MTV will unveil a different character poster every hour.

Insurgent hits theaters on March 20, 2015.

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Theo James will lead the Fifth ‘Underworld’ installment

Theo James, who played a sexy blue-eyed vampire in 2012’s ‘Underworld: Awakening’ will repeat his role as ‘David’ next year in the franchise’s fifth installment, while Kate Beckinsale won’t return as ‘Selene’

“Lakeshore Entertainment has signed “Divergent” star Theo James to star in the fifth film in its vampires-versus-werewolves franchise.

Kate Beckinsale, however, will not return for her Selene role after starring in three of the four previous films.”

Rumors said, he’ll be playing the lead this time, and now that ‘Insurgent’ is done filming, he’ll have plenty of time:

“Lakeshore is ramping up development on the yet-to-be-titled film and aiming to shoot in the spring. James starred as a new character and vampire ally to Beckinsale’s character in the fourth film,  ‘Underworld: Awakening.’ “

Can’t wait to see Theo in a new ‘Underworld’ movie? Comment below!

Via Variety.

Post by Mary Mendez.

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Photos: Insurgent Wrap Party!


Yesterday was the last day of filming for the Divergent sequel, Insurgent. Not only that but the Insurgent wrap party also took place last night. The whole cast wasn’t able to attend but Shailene Woodley, Veronica Roth, Jai Courtney, Keiynan Lonsdale and Mekhi Phifer were there.

Mekhi Phifer(Max) and KeiynanLonsdale tweeted about their last day:



Shailene Woodley(Tris) with her stunt double Shauna Galligan


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First poster for Ansel Elgort’s ‘Men, Women & Children’ revealed!

Ansel Elgort just posted on his twitter account the new poster for ‘Men, Women & Children’ the movie adaptation of the book by Chad Kultgen where Ansel will play ‘Tim Mooney’.

[tweet https://twitter.com/AnselElgort/status/507223001050677249]

‘Men, Women & Children’ will be released in October 3. Click here if you missed the trailer.


Post by Mary Mendez.

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TNT Acquires Television rights to ‘Divergent’ and ‘The Hunger Games’!

TNT Hunger Games Divergent TV Rights

Variety is reporting that TNT has officially acquired the television rights to Divergent and The Hunger Games.

“The ‘Hunger Games’ and ‘Divergent’ franchises fit perfectly within TNT’s brand evolution and expansion into action-packed genre programming,” said Michael Wright, President, Head of Programming for TNT, TBS and Turner Classic Movies. “Like our current hits ‘The Last Ship’ and ‘Legends’ and the upcoming series ‘The Librarians,’ the movies in these franchises are ideal for drawing young adults to the network. We look forward to making ‘The Hunger Games’ and ‘Divergent’ movies the kind of event programming that will engage and excite fans for years to come.”

“We’re delighted to launch this partnership with TNT for two of our biggest global franchises,” said Jim Packer, Lionsgate President of Worldwide Television & Digital Distribution. “The agreement underscores the breadth and depth of our content portfolio and supplies TNT with blockbuster franchises that will resonate with their audiences for many years to come.”

The deal also includes network premiere windows for “Divergent” and sequel “Insurgent,” which will hit theaters in March 2015, along with two further follow-up films, making TNT the first basic cable network with access to all four “Divergent” pics at the same time. Additionally, the pact includes telecast rights to “The Hunger Games” and sequel “Catching Fire.” “The Hunger Games” will air on TNT in winter 2015, with “Catching Fire” following in winter 2016, “Mockingjay – Part 1″ airing in 2017, and “Part 2″ in 2018.



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Shailene Woodley and Theo James promise emotional ‘INSURGENT’

"Divergent" stars Theo James, left, and Shailene Woodley in Toronoto on March 6, 2014. (Nathan Denette / The Canadian Press / Associated Press)

Shailene Woodley(Tris) and Theo James(Four) had an interview with LA Times Hero Complex. During that interview they talked about returning to Insurgent.

Read an excerpt from the interview:

HC: How’s the experience been shooting the second film?

SW: It’s been wonderful. I’ve been having so much fun.  It’s been really nice to switch things up. Everything in a way is different. We’re in Atlanta, it’s summer, it’s not cold, Chicago winter. Our director is different, the set design is different, the costumes are different. It feels much bigger. It’s interesting because the movie feels bigger in tone and in image but in a scene it feels smaller. Some scenes feel like we’re doing an indie film in a way because they’re so full of truth. Robert, our director, is really, really keen on making sure we feel comfortable with a scene as well as he feels comfortable with a scene. Until it has the right flow or the right tone, he won’t move on and that’s a big blessing in a big movie like this, to have somebody who really is keen on us feeling like our needs were met to support the character and that his needs were met to support the film.

TJ: We put a little taste together just to show the crew how we’d been doing and what came through is A) the scope. It looks kind of richer and bigger and more complex, but what came through to me was the emotionality behind it. Again, that sounds wanky.

SW: This movie is pretty emotional.

TJ: Yeah, but not in a cheesy way. There’s real stakes behind it, and sometimes that’s hard to find in spectacular situations. If you’re watching these movies that are spectacles, which are fun and it’s about this thing and escapism, sometimes the crux of the emotionality gets lost. That doesn’t necessarily sometimes matter, but we are trying to retain that with this film.

HC: Has it been fun to be able to build on the performance from the first film?

SW: It has. With a movie like this, we will spend a week doing a train sequence where we’re just fighting for a week or doing choreography or walking down a hallway or running, but then there’s a lot of gratifying moments. Last week for three days in a row… I was working with someone and we had a lot of emotional scenes together. It was nice to go home at the end of the day and feel exhausted for exerting a lot of feeling versus exerting a lot of physical energy.

Click here to read the full interview.

Insurgent hits theaters on March 20, 2015.

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Zoe Kravitz and Miles Teller make Variety’s list for Actors to Watch in 2014!


Our Christina and Peter, Zoe Kravitz and Miles Teller have made Variety’s list for Actors to Watch in 2014.

Zoe Kravitz, whose credits include “X-Men: First Class,” “Divergent” and the upcoming “Mad Max: Fury Road.”

Miles Teller, star of “The Spectacular Now” and this year’s Sundance hit “Whiplash.”

This year’s honorees will be featured in the Oct. 7 issue of Variety and for the third year, several of the honorees will participate in Variety Ten to Watch activities at the Hamptons Film Festival, which runs Oct. 9-13.

Both of the actors are currently filming the Divergent sequel, Insurgent.