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WATCH: Shailene Woodley in new ‘White Bird in a Blizzard’ trailer

We’ve all waited for it and ‘White Bird in a Blizzard’ is just 2 months away now! Today, a new trailer was released, revealing a bit more of the relationship between Kat (Woodley) and her parents:

Also, if you missed the first trailer we have it here for you:

And if you still want more, here’s a clip of the movie featuring Kat and her boyfriend Phil, played by Shiloh Fernandez:

‘White Bird on a Blizzard’ will be released on October 24, 2014.


Post by Mary Mendez.

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Ansel Elgort on ‘Men, Women & Children’ trailer

Ansel shared today on twitter the trailer for his next movie ‘Men, Women & Children’ where he’ll play ‘Tim Mooney’ along with Adam Sandler, Emma Thompson and Jennifer Garner.

[tweet https://twitter.com/AnselElgort/status/501717012780179456]

The film, based on the book by Chad Kultgen, it’s more mature than any other we’ve seen Elgort star in before. And we’re looking forward to see it soon!


Post by Mary Mendez.

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Is getting ‘Four’ turned into a movie?

We hope so! And we’re not the only ones, Jon Feltheimer, Lionsgate’s CEO, seemed interested in the chance of bringing Four’s story to the big screen, as he said when asked:

Not only do “Divergent” fans have a trailer to look forward to, Feltheimer also teased a potential fifth film based on “Divergent” author Veronica Roth’s newly released, bestselling book “Four: A Divergent Collection.” “We certainly hope so,”Feltheimer said of a potential fifth installment, which would delve into lead male character Tobias Eaton/Four’s future in the Divergent faction hierarchy. Lions Gate previously confirmed an adaption of Roth’s third book “Allegiant” will be split into two parts with March 2016 and March 2017 release dates.

Would you enjoy see Theo playing a younger Four? Tell us in the comments.

Source: International Business Times

Post by Mary Mendez.

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‘Insurgent’ trailer release date

‘The Divergent Series: Insurgent’ started shooting a few months ago, and we still can’t get over the excitement of the ‘Insurgent’ set photos so now that we have a release day for it’s trailer, we’re fangirling at our hardest! 

The trailer is set to debut on November 21 along with ‘The Hunger Games: Mockingjay part 1’ said Lionsgate’s CEO Jon Feltheimer:

“All the signs are pointing to [‘Divergent’] growing into another big young adult franchise like ‘Twilight’ and ‘The Hunger Games,’” Feltheimer told analysts, reports Seeking Alpha. “With the first ‘Insurgent’ trailer slated to debut with the release of ‘Mockingjay’ in November, skyrocketing book sales, a stellar home entertainment launch and stars Shailene Woodley, Theo James and Ansel Elgort generating ever-increasing online buzz, I think you can understand why we believe that the ‘Divergent’ series is becoming very special,” Feltheimer said.

Just 3 months left! Hopefully we’ll get official still as we wait!

Via International Bussiness Times.

Post by Mary Mendez.

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As you heard! The official Divergent tumblr released today the features and release date of this new ‘Divergent’ edition that includes 72 pages of bonus content incluiding two essays by Veronica Roth and a map of the Dauntless compound, all the things an Initiate could wish for here:

“The #1 New York Times bestseller that started a worldwide phenomenon and inspired a major motion picture is now available in a beautifully designed Collector’s Edition. This deluxe package features:

72 pages of bonus content including:

  • Two essays by Veronica Roth, including excerpts from early drafts of Divergent 
  • An essay about the psychology behind fear and the “exposure therapy” of Dauntless initiation
  • Artistic renderings of the Choosing Ceremony Bowls
  • An excerpt from the movie script
  • Favorite quotes from Divergent, illustrated by fellow Initiates
  • A map of the Dauntless compound
  • Divergent discussion questions


  • A four-color fold-out poster
  • A brilliant metallic book jacket
  • A satin ribbon placeholder

This edition makes a great gift for established fans who want to expand their Divergent library or who already own the Insurgent Collector’s Edition; readers new to the series who want a fuller reading experience; and fans of the feature film.”

‘Divergent Collector’s Edition’ is already available for pre-order in Amazon, HarperCollins and Barnes & Noble. It will be released on October 21st.

What do you think? Share your excitement in the comments!

Post by Mary Mendez.

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Review: Divergent DVD Special Features!

I was one of the lucky few that received a Divergent DVD early for review.

Let’s start with my favorite thing about the special features Deleted Scenes.

Deleted Scenes:
The deleted scenes were really cool to see. Even though there are not a lot of them, there are enough to make us happy. We get a Tris and Al moment, butter knife scene with Edward and Peter, a Peter and Four scene and the best thing ever a Dauntless cake moment between Tris and her mom which is extremely amazing.

The rest of the special features are pretty amazing. They feature commentary from director Neil Burger, Lucy Fisher and Douglas Wick. Bringing Divergent to Life also has some great features, plus the amazing Beating Heart video by Ellie Goulding.

Lucy Fisher and Douglas Wick commentary:
It is always a great thing to hear from someone other than the directors or actors as far as commentary goes. That is what we get with these special features. Lucy and Doug talk lots of things from Ansel Elgort to Shailene Woodley. Did you know that Tris was in every single scene. We already know that this cast became a family while filming and try give us a little more insight on that.

Beating Heart Music Video: Ellie Goulding music video for the Divergent movie/soundtrack is also featured on the DVD.

Neil Burger Commentary:
Neil Burger is of course the amazing director that brought Divergent to life. During his commentary Neil talks about everything from the zip-lining to the Ferris wheel scene. You can truly tell that he is connected to this film whole heartedly. The passion is obvious.

Bringing Divergent to Life:
Features A Bold Beginning(the cast talks the books and Veronica Roth talks how she came to write them., Becoming Divergent(boot camp and training) , The Epic Experience(Shailene Woodley introduces us to the first day of shooting on Divergent) and A Fearless Finish(editing Divergent and the making of visual effects.)

Seriously guys the special features are so amazing, regardless if you get the DVD or Blu-ray you are truly in for a treat with the Divergent DVD.  The DVD also comes with a set of Divergent tattoos that features all of the faction symbols and Tris’ bird tattoos.

Be sure to pick up Divergent on DVD/Blu-Ray tomorrow, August 5th.

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Bid on Autographed INSURGENT Charitable Comic Con Posters!

Lionsgate is auctioning off five pairs of posters from THE DIVERGENT SERIES: INSURGENT signed by Theo James and Shailene Woodley from the 2014 San Diego Comic Con benefiting The Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation. The winning bidders will receive the studio certified posters with a signed letter verifying their authenticity. Auctions begin July 29th, 2014 and will end August 5th, 2014. Interested fans and collectors should be aware there are only limited amounts available.

the-divergent-series-insurgent-EC1_9798_rgb    the-divergent-series-insurgent-EC1_9828_rgb   cid:image003.jpg@01CFAB66.2294E170   cid:image004.jpg@01CFAB66.2294E170   cid:image005.jpg@01CFAB66.2294E170

Please click on the following links to view the auctions:






The Divergent Series: Insurgent will be released in theaters on March 20, 2015.