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What’s New for Veronica Roth?


Veronica Roth took to her Tumblr to discuss what was next for her once the Divergent trilogy is finished.

The Unknowable Future

I’m going through the asks in my ask box, as I often do when I’m procrastinating, and a few questions are popping up frequently, so I’m going to tackle one of them. The question is some variation of this:

What next?

I will answer in list form.

1. Yes, I will keep writing things, as previously discussed on this blog…somewhere.

2. Yes, I do have ideas for what could come next. I always have a few ideas buzzing around my brain, no matter what. The thing about my ideas, though, is that at any given moment some of them A. are bad ideas, B. are good ideas but need more time/development, C. are good in idea form but won’t work on the page, or D. are good ideas that will work, yay! I never know which is which until I do some free writing for each one, and even then, it takes me at least fifty pages to figure out if a story has “legs,” as one of my college professors put it. And I have not had time to do any non-Divergent writing in a couple years, so who knows if any of these ideas will pan out? Not I.

3. Yes, I could very well branch out into other subgenres. There’s no rule that says that if you start out writing dystopian you have to keep writing dystopian, or even sci-fi. Not even in my top secret author handbook. Wait, what? Forget I said that. *hides handbook* (But, as discussed, I don’t know what genre I’ll write in next, because I don’t know what idea will stick.)

4. However, I do think that I’ll stick with YA as an age category, because every single idea I have (and have ever had, really) has been YA-like. And I like that.

5. I also know that whatever I do, I won’t do for a good long time, because I may nap for a year after Allegiant comes out. Wake me for the movie premiere, okay? (No, seriously— I plan to take a break and explore ideas without pressuring myself to finish anything, and it’s going to be great but it make take awhile.)

6. No, I won’t share these ideas unless they become An Actual Book, For Realsies. (I don’t even share them with family and friends, most of the time.) I don’t talk about ideas before they become not-ideas, because the second people hear about them they either A. like them a lot, which makes me feel pressure to finish even if the story isn’t working for me, or B. hate them, which makes me feel icky about the idea even if I was really excited about it before. Either way, telling people about ideas before they’re fully realized doesn’t work for me, personally, so I don’t generally do it.

TL; DR — What’s next is I don’t know what, I don’t know when, probably for teens, be good pals and don’t let me miss the Divergent movie because I’m too busy napping. (Just kidding about that last one.)