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The Official DIVERGENT Posters are Finally Here!

Yahoo Movies just debuted the first two official Divergent posters. The one poster features Shailene Woodley as Tris and the other Theo James as Four.

Divergent Tris Poster

Divergent Poster Four

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Divergent hits theaters on March 21, 2014.

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What Makes You Different? Submit a Video or Artwork for a Chance to be Apart of the First DIVERGENT Posters!



Initiates you now have the chance to be apart of the Divergent poster. If you feel you are Divergent enough read and follow the directions below.

In DIVERGENT, what makes you different makes you dangerous.

We’re asking fans to send us their Vines, GIFs, photos or artwork explaining what makes them different. Fans can submit on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr or Vine with the caption “I AM #DIVERGENT” for a chance to become a part of the first official posters!

Go here for more info: http://divergentthemovie.com/ayd

On September 23, we will reveal the official teaser posters as animated mosaics incorporating fan Vines, GIFs, photos and artwork.

You’re an artist. Create art that shows us why you’re different using the caption, “I am Divergent” and it might be part of the first official @Divergent poster!  Tag your animated GIF, photo or art submission with #DIVERGENT! Rules: bit.ly/IamDivergent

Be sure to hurry and send your pictures and videos in and maybe you will be that special Initiate that gets picked.