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WATCH: Behind the Scenes @DIVERGENT Set Interviews with Mark at The Movies!

Mark at the Movies was able to visit the Divergent set while they were filming. He interviewed Shailene Woodley, Theo James, Maggie Q and more.

Check out the interview:

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Divergent hits theaters on March 21.

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New @DIVERGENT Set Photo of Shailene Woodley and Ashley Judd!

Mark S Allen of Mark at the Movies posted a never before seen photo of Shailene Woodley in and Ashley Judd. They were wearing their Dauntless and Abnegation costumes. They are of course in the Abnegation set. They seem to be filming one of the last scenes.

Mark let TrisandFour.com know that there will be a behind the scenes on Mark at the movies on Friday on Reelz channel.