Divergent Faction

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Tris Named on of Huffington Posts 14 Amazing Heroines in YA Books!

Huffington Post came up with a list and named Tris Prior one of 14 Amazing YA Heroines. Tris definitely deserves to be on the list.

Read what they said about Tris:

Divergent – Veronica Roth
The dystopian world of Divergent seems set up to eliminate traditional gender roles. Each person is given a chance, at the age of 16, to choose a faction in which they will spend their adulthood. Factions are defined by the virtue they most value — courage, knowledge, love, selflessness, and honesty. It isn’t the women who are loving and selfless while the men are brave and honest; instead, each faction contains both men and women who exemplify these virtues. Our heroine, Tris, chooses Dauntless, the courageous faction, giving readers a daring, rough-and-ready heroine with action-hero qualities female characters are rarely given. She is adept with weapons, willing to undergo extreme physical pain in order to accomplish her goals, and, most importantly, always an agent. She’s not one to wait around for opportunities to pass by or for opponents to outmaneuver her, meaning she’s almost always in control of the situation.