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VIDEO: New FOUR Featurette: Theo James is the perfect warrior in #DIVERGENT

Yahoo Movies has just released a new featurette. The featurette showcases Four. Four is played buy Theo James in the movie. Shailene Woodley and Neil Burger talk Theo as Four during the video.

Check out the video:

Screenshot (66)

Four, in case you haven’t heard, is one of the main characters of the bestselling novel series by Veronica Roth and is played by the undeniably handsome Theo James. In this exclusive featurette introducing them both, you can see why such a count might be distracting.

“Four is the perfect Dauntless warrior, but he also has his own secrets that he has to hide, so he’s incredibly guarded and wary of anybody trying to get close to him,” director Neil Burger explains.

What’s not a secret is the chemistry between James and his co-star, Shailene Woodley. “Theo’s reactions are amazing, his capability of listening is incredible, but he’s also tough on screen and a really strong person,” she gushes.

Divergent hits theaters this month on March 21st. Tickets go on sale tomorrow March 4th.

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‘DIVERGENT’ covers EW + new stills!

Divergent is gracing the cover of Entertainment Weekly this week.

The cover features Shailene Woodley and Theo James as Tris and Four.


Check out a new still below:

This week’s cover story takes a close look at Divergent — based on the best-selling series by Veronica Roth and in theaters March 21 — starring Shailene Woodley and Theo James and directed by Neil Burger (Limitless). The pressure is on for this film to soothe the jangled nerves of a jittery industry that is watching the film closely, in hopes that it will be the one to continue the wave of YA hits. EW’s Sara Vilkomerson spoke to the filmmakers and actors about what it’s like to have such high expectations on their shoulders, and, for the stars, how they answer the constant question about whether they are ready for fame. “It’s completely impossible to answer,” Theo James says. “If you say anything, you sound like a douche bag because who knows what the f— is going to happen?” (His co-star agrees. ”It’s something that hasn’t happened yet,” says Woodley. “Anyway, change is inevitable. It happens every day. I’m not going to change my life at all — I love the way I live. I’m not going to worry about it.”)


As for the filmmakers, while producers admit that “the pressure for the box office is excruciating and unfair,” their goal was to make the best movie possible. “The audience can really sniff when there’s some kind of cynicism [involved in making a film],” says executive producer Doug Wick. “It’s like saying because of Gravity, let’s do more space movies. Forget that this is a YA book. When you read it you see scenes, you visualize the world. That suggests a great movie.”

In this week’s cover story, we also do a deep data dive into whether YA book sales predict movie ticket sales, provide a guide to the characters and cast of Divergent, plus the inside design secrets behind that full-back tattoo on James’ character, Four.

Pick of the Divergent issue of EW this Friday, February 28th.


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WATCH: Behind the Scenes Interviews on set of DIVERGENT with Theo James & Shailene Woodley from ScreenSlam!

Here are 3 videos that feature behind the scenes interviews with our Tris and Four, Theo James and Shailene Woodley, from ScreenSlam.





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WATCH: Final ‘DIVERGENT’ Trailer released!

Screenshot (6)

Yesterday we got a tease of the new trailer from DIVERGENT. Today we just got the full trailer from BuzzFeed.

Watch the brand new Divergent trailer right now:

DIVERGENT FACTION Reaction to final trailer:

The trailer is everything that I’ve ever hoped for. Once Tris is injected for the aptitude test by Tori that’s when the action starts. In the trailer we see the dog simulation and then Tori of course tells Tris her results were inconclusive. In this trailer we see more of my favorite characters Tori(Maggie Q) and Natalie Prior(Ashley Judd). We also get to see a little bit of Tris and Natalie at Visiting day. I get so sad seeing anything that involves Natalie Prior. We also get a better glimpse at Tris heading over to Erudite headquarters. Tris’ simulations when she’s in the tank and when she’s with the crows look great. The part of the trailer that got me the most excited was when Tris and the other Dauntless Initiates ran out of the Choosing Ceremony and were heading for the trains. This is when her journey truly starts. It’s the first day of the rest of her life and that makes be so excited. I can truly tell that this movie will be absolutely amazing! There is no doubt in my mind that it will do great.

Initiates what did you think of the final Divergent trailer? Are you excited to see Divergent on March 21st? What is your favorite part of the trailer? Share your reactions in the comments below.

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3 New @DIVERGENT Stills Featuring Tris and Four!


The LA Times has just released 3 new Divergent stills. You will find one still above and the other two stills in the article.

In the article Shailene Woodley, Veronica Roth and director Neil Burger all talk about Tris.

One still features Tris and Four on a Dauntless train:


When the director and producers of the dystopian action-adventure film “Divergent” sought inspiration for the movie’s teenage heroine, they didn’t turn to “The Hunger Games’” Katniss Everdeen or “Twilight’s” Bella Swan, as might have been expected. Instead, the filmmakers recalled James Dean’s Jim Stark, the rebellious protagonist who defies his parents and his peers in 1955′s “Rebel Without a Cause.”

“He just doesn’t feel at home,” director Neil Burger said. “So he goes looking for something more.”

“This is a sort of dream city,” said producer Douglas Wick of the film due out March 21 from Lionsgate’s Summit Entertainment, the studio behind the box office giants “Twilight” and “The Hunger Games” — films that reached heights that executives are optimistic “Divergent” can attain. “It is a city that saved the world from great chaos. It is a city that has great harmony and the factions worked — but that system is starting to fray, which is our story.”

At the heart of that story is Tris, played by rising star Shailene Woodley (“The Descendants,” “The Spectacular Now”).

Tris is born into Abnegation, the faction that values selflessness, but her personality test reveals she is divergent, having an aptitude for multiple factions — something that is not allowed in the rigidly divided society. She hides her divergence and decides to join Dauntless, the faction based on bravery.

Her choice lands her among a group of tattooed warriors, including love interest “Four” (Theo James), and sees her leaping on and off trains, ziplining, shooting and knife-throwing, and facing off against other kids as part of a brutal initiation into the faction. But as it becomes more difficult to hide her divergence, Tris realizes that the faction system is flawed.

“She starts out questioning where she fits into society, and then by the end of the movie, she’s questioning society itself,” Burger said.

She really is very, very self-sufficient and is her own kind of warrior in terms of she wanted to do her stunts herself,” producer Lucy Fisher said. “She has a huge amount of inner strength. … She’s very mature beyond her age, as is Tris.”

For Woodley, the draw was the story’s universal appeal, she said, and its parallels with the world we live in.


“It’s not just about young people figuring their way through life,” she said. “It’s about young people being in really adult situations, and they’re treated like adults, which is how adolescents are these days. Everybody’s incredibly smart, and there’s not a lot of movies that do that age range justice.”

That’s just what Roth was aiming for. And though she doesn’t necessarily consider Tris a role model — she can be impulsive and self-destructive — she is guiding her own story.

“Tris is a character with a lot of agency and a lot of power,” Roth said. “One of my rules for myself was Tris has to be somehow responsible for what happens to her, for better or for worse; no acts of God.”

To read the full article from the LA Times click here.

Divergent hits theaters this year on March 21st.


Photo: New DIVERGENT Still of Tris and Four During Capture the Flag!

A new still has surfaced of Tris and Four during Capture the flag. The picture features Shailene Woodley as Tris and Theo James as Four playing holding paintball guns during capture the flag.



Thanks to @clairelalina for the scan and Trisandfour.com

What do you think? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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New DIVERGENT Still of Tris and Four revealed!

We can now officially say that Divergent comes out this year. To set off the new year a brand new still was revealed by by 9News.com. They were sharing Film to look forward to in 2014 and Divergent was one of them.

The still features Tris and Four. It seems to be when all off Dauntless is supposed to be under the simulation.

Check out the new still of Tris and Four below:


“Divergent” (March 21). This adaptation of the popular dystopian novel finds the people of Chicago divided into factions based on their human virtues. Teenager Tris (Shailene Woodley, left,) learns she has three qualities instead of just one – meaning she’s “divergent” – and discovers dark forces are afoot in the city during her initiation process. Jaap Buitendijk, Summit Entertainment

Thanks to @tobiasandcake for finding it.

Divergent hits theaters this year on March 21.

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WATCH: First DIVERGENT Clip is Here!

Yahoo movies has revealed the first clip from Divergent.

Watch the clip below:


Here is the Youtube version:

Yahoo Movies also shared a few reasons why Theo James’ Four is better than Edward Cullan

Here are seven reasons why Theo James’s Four clearly trumps Robert Pattinson’s Edward:

1. Sexy Back Tat

Imagine that massive tattoo, depicting all the factions, on Edward’s pasty back. Yeah, it just wouldn’t be as hot.

2. Physical Prowess

While James and Pattinson both stand at 6’1″ in real life, James is simply more athletic-looking. Look at those muscles! “Paul Newman crossed with Bruce Lee,” is how “Divergent” director Neil Burger described James during our recent visit to his edit bay.

3. Hard-Edged Man

Four is tough. Burger told us recently, “He’s a real man… he’s an incredible fighter.” Edward could fight when he had to, but he showed a whole lot of his soft side most of the time.

4. He’s a Revolutionary

As a “divergent,” and a leader within the Dauntless faction, Four fights against societal oppression. He fights for the people! Yeah, Edward fights too, but his main focus is to protect his own interests — keeping Bella and the rest of the Cullens safe.

5. Human Powered

Four doesn’t rely on supernatural abilities like Edward does. He is supremely disciplined and has worked hard for his many talents. Though Edward perhaps wins some points over Four for his flying abilities. (Four, tragically, is afraid of heights!)

6. Tough Love

Edward was compelled by Bella — and the smell of her blood — from the moment he met her. But with Four, Tris really has to prove herself. “We found someone who intimidated [Woodley],” Burger said, explaining that it was important to give the role of Four to someone who conveyed more physical and mental power. “Theo has that and he had that effect on Shailene,” he said. The two actors also have natural chemistry, according to Burger. “They really cared for each other, kind of amused each other, and were kind of turned on by each other.”

7. Cooler Nickname

Even Pattinson himself said he hated the nickname fans gave him: RPats. Some James fans have built on his first name to come up with “Theories” to describe their own fan faction. It just might stick.

What are your thoughts on the first Divergent clip?

See Divergent in full on March 21, 2014.