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WATCH: Veronica Roth on #ALLEGIANT Tour Stop in Chicago!

Today Divergent author Veronica Roth stopped in her home town of Chicago on the Allegiant Tour. Epic Reads recorded the whole thing so that we could see it if we missed it. The video includes Veronica answering questions and sing Tris’ song with her brother Karl Roth.

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How to Get the Most Out of ALLEGIANT Week!

Want to celebrate the week of Allegiant? Here is a list of events that DivergentOfficial.com has shared of upcoming events for Allegiant.


1. Watch Veronica Roth’s midnight video message to fans (where she’ll read the first pages of ALLEGIANT)! Check DivergentOfficial.com at midnight (12:00AM eastern time, to be exact) on 10.22.13.

2. Tune in to “The Today Show” on Wednesday, 10.23 during the 8AM hour (eastern time) to see Veronica Roth talk about ALLEGIANT.

3. Join the Veronica Roth Twitter Chat with iBooks between 4:45PM and 5:30PM eastern time on 10.23.

4. Submit your questions for Veronica Roth on the ALLEGIANT tour. Veronica will answer your questions during the LIVE Ustream event from Chicago on Saturday, 10.26, at 2PM central time. Submit your questions here.

5. Celebrate with the Epic Reads Divergent Tea Party on at 3:45PM eastern time on Wednesday, 10.23. Chat about what made you fall in love with the Divergent series and see an exclusive video from Veronica Roth!

Will you be tuning in to all of these events?

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ALLEGIANT Most Anticipated Book of 2013 According to Epic Reads!

I don’t know about you, Allegiant is the book that I am anticipating most for 2013. The ladies of Epic Reads obviously feel the same. They just shared their list of Most Anticipated books of 2013 and Veronica Roth’s Allegiant topped the list.

Checking in with Goodreads, here are the top 15 most popular young adult books publishing in October 2013. Make sure these are on your radar, book nerds!


Head over to Epic Reads tk see what other great authors made the list.

Is Allegiant on the top of you most anticipated books of 2013 list?

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Veronica Roth Stopped by Tea Time with Epic Reads!

Allegiant is a little over a month a way from being released and Veronica Roth will be touring soon. She stopped by and helped clean up.

Check out the cool vine below:

Click here to check out what Epic Reads has planned for Allegiant.

will be in book stores on October 22.

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Allegiant Cover Revealed!

We have been waiting patiently for the Allegiant cover to be revealed. Okay maybe not patiently, but waited. Allegiant is the final book in Veronica Roth best selling Divergent series. Ryan Seacrest on the Today Show interviewed Veronica and asked about the Allegiant book, Divergent movie and more.

Check out the Cover in HD below:
Photo Credit: Epic Reads

Click here to watch the video of Veronica Roth talking to Ryan Seacrest about Allegiant, the Divergent movie and more.

The cover of Allegiant features the tag line “One Choice Will Define You” and a wave.

What do you think of the Allegiant cover? Is it what you expected?