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WATCH: Final ‘DIVERGENT’ Trailer released!

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Yesterday we got a tease of the new trailer from DIVERGENT. Today we just got the full trailer from BuzzFeed.

Watch the brand new Divergent trailer right now:

DIVERGENT FACTION Reaction to final trailer:

The trailer is everything that I’ve ever hoped for. Once Tris is injected for the aptitude test by Tori that’s when the action starts. In the trailer we see the dog simulation and then Tori of course tells Tris her results were inconclusive. In this trailer we see more of my favorite characters Tori(Maggie Q) and Natalie Prior(Ashley Judd). We also get to see a little bit of Tris and Natalie at Visiting day. I get so sad seeing anything that involves Natalie Prior. We also get a better glimpse at Tris heading over to Erudite headquarters. Tris’ simulations when she’s in the tank and when she’s with the crows look great. The part of the trailer that got me the most excited was when Tris and the other Dauntless Initiates ran out of the Choosing Ceremony and were heading for the trains. This is when her journey truly starts. It’s the first day of the rest of her life and that makes be so excited. I can truly tell that this movie will be absolutely amazing! There is no doubt in my mind that it will do great.

Initiates what did you think of the final Divergent trailer? Are you excited to see Divergent on March 21st? What is your favorite part of the trailer? Share your reactions in the comments below.

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WATCH:15 Second clip on the Brand New DIVERGENT Trailer from BuzzFeed!

Here is a 15 second clip on the trailer from Buzzfeed.

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“The world is changing. You’ll have to decide who you’re loyal to,” Jeanine Matthews warns Tris Prior in BuzzFeed’s sneak peek at the new Divergent trailer debuting on Tuesday at 11 a.m. ET/8 a.m. PT.

Divergent just shared a new 6 second clip on Vine of Tris in one of her simulations:

Sound off in the comments with your thoughts on the new trailer.

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Neil Burger Adds Commentary to the new DIVERGENT Trailer with MTV!

A new amazing Divergent trailer was released on Wednesday. Director Neil Burger sat with MTV and provided commentary on the trailer.

Check out what he said:



Setting the Scene
” ‘Divergent’ takes place 100 years in the future after some kind of war or catastrophe happened, and society’s been reformed into five factions,” Burger says, setting the scene of the film. The cast and crew filmed in Chicago, using real, dilapidated buildings for the exterior shots and only utilizing CGI to turn Lake Michigan into a dried-up marsh.

The Aptitude Test That Changes Everything
As heroine Tris Prior, Shailene Woodley undergoes an aptitude test to determine which faction she belongs in. Burger describes the test as a “controlled nightmare,” pitting the teen against her darkest fears. Until, that is, she discovers the ability to mentally overcome the test.

“What she learns, as they say, is that her results are inconclusive. She doesn’t fit in anywhere and she’s what’s known as Divergent,” Burger says. “She doesn’t understand at this point, she just knows that it’s dangerous.”

Becoming Dauntless
Despite her inconclusive test results, Tris decides to leave the safety of her home faction and attempt to complete a brutal initiation into the Dauntless faction. Her first task?

“The only way they’ll allow you to go into Dauntless is, you have to jump off the ledge of this building through this ragged hole,” Burger says — and that’s after she’s forced to leap on and off of a moving train. Talk about hazing.

The Romance/Bootcamp Begins
Enter: Theo James.

Once Tris finds herself inside the Dauntless compound, she comes face-to-face with her instructor, Four, who will lead the young initiates through a grueling boot camp. Burger likens the experience to “being in the Marines, times 10. They shoot, they fight, they throw knives.”

In one classic scene from the book, Four throws knives at Tris’ head until one finally grazes her ear. “She stands up for a friend, and she’s basically punished by having to stand in front of a target and have Four throw these knives at he,” Burger explains. “And he can’t play it safe, or else he’s gonna give himself away. So he actually ends up cutting her with the knife.”

Cue the romance (and a shirtless scene!). “He takes his shirt off and he shows this intense tattoo that he has, which in a way represents all five personalities and more,” Burger says.

Societal Breakdown
“By the end of the movie everything goes to hell,” Burger says, point blank. As the society attempts to eradicate Divergents, Tris and Four team up to fight “as best they can.” But, Burger says, “it’s almost an impossible situation.”

Missed the trailer? Watch it here:


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WATCH: Official 18 Second Preview of @DIVERGENT Trailer!

Divergent movie Facebook page just released an 18 second preview of the new Divergent trailer.

Check out the official 18 second preview of the new Divergent trailer:


Be sure to tune in tomorrow to see the trailer in full along with  live stream with director Neil Burger at  YouTube.com/SummitScreeningRoom.

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Veronica Roth reacts to Newest @DIVERGENT Trailer!


Lots of fan sites and Veronica Roth got the chance to see the newest Divergent trailer early. Veronica has shared her thoughts on the Divergent trailer on her Tumblr:

So, I saw the Divergent trailer. As in, the full-length one.

Something you should know about me is that I process emotion in a strange way. Usually when something really good happens, I react first with numbness and then fear and then excitement and joy— in that order.

That is not what happened here. I watched this trailer and cried happy author tears. No numbness, no fear. It’s beautiful. And exciting. And I CANNOT WAIT for you to see it.

Here’s the info:

What: The worldwide Trailer Premiere Live Stream Event for Divergent with director Neil Burger. The trailer will be unveiled for the first time, and then there will be a chat with Neil Burger and various YouTube talent and fans.
When: 8:30 a.m. PST Wednesday, Nov. 13
Where: YouTube.com/SummitScreeningRoom.
I hope you like it! (!!!)

Be sure to tune in to YouTube tomorrow at 1pm EST, 6pm GST to see the brand new Divergent trailer.

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VIDEO: Entertainment Tonight Tease of DIVERGENT Trailer!

Today a look at the newest Divergent trailer will be shown on Entertainment Tonight at 7 PM EST. Thank to Tris DivergentColumbia we have a look at the tease of the tease:

as you can see from the footage we see Tris in her fear landscape in the water tank.

Tune in to Entertainment Tonight tonight(Check your local listings for times).