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Interviews + photos with Veronica Roth and Ansel Elgort at the #DivergentTour In Minneapolis


Divergent Faction was lucky enough to attend a handful of Divergent screenings last week. Our correspondent EmmyReads was there and she was able to ask Ansel Elgrt and Veronica Roth a few questions and take some pictures.

Fans came out to see Ansel (Al) and the amazing author Veronica Roth.




Check out the interviews and more photos from the event below:


Have you read Allegiant yet, if so what do you think?

Ansel hadn’t yet read the book, but told us that Veronica had relaid to him what happened in the end. He followed up with this…

“I know that he regrets his decisions in the second book and the third book and is trying to get Tris’s forgiveness and then finally then he does. I think it’s beautiful, its a great way to end the book and the series. SPOILER: Its very unusual that the main character dies” 

Do you have any funny stories about people mispronouncing your name?

“Yes! People always call me Angel. One time someone called me Anvel. I don’t know how they got that from Ansel…Yeah, Antwan. It was good though in school because one time I was causing trouble and the security guard didn’t know my name. He thought my name was Antwan. So he told everyone that Antwan was causing trouble. So I didn’t get in trouble.”


What was it like letting go of the story and characters you created, to let other people reimagine it?

“I think the second the book comes out that starts happening because you guys will always see the story differently than I do. And if I can’t let go of that then I’ll just try and control everything that you think about it. So I think I was kind of practiced at it by the time they started making the movie. It was just another group of people who were going to interrupt it as best they can. I tried to put it with people who respect and loved it.”

Check out the rest of the photos below:







Big thanks to EmmyReads for being a correspondent.

If you haven’t check out Emmy’s YouTube channel do so now.


Meet Veronica Roth and the Cast of DIVERGENT on Tour!

The stars of Divergent will be going on tour! Shailene Woodley, Theo James, Veronica Roth, Ansel Elgort, Maggie Q, Mekhi Phifer, Ben Lloyd Hughes, Christian Madsen, Miles Teller and Jai Courtney will be making stop around North America.


We’re excited to announce that author Veronica Roth and the cast of DIVERGENT will attend red Carpet Screenings in 14 cities in North America starting March 3. Each city will host a local red carpet screening which moviegoers are invited to attend, watch the arrivals and have a chance to be among the very first to see the highly anticipated film!

Those who do not get a ticket to see the film are still welcome to attend and line the red carpet to see the stars of the film in person.

The DIVERGENT tour will visit the following cities over the course of four days and will be attended by the corresponding talent. Talent availability and event dates and locations are subject to change.

For more details regarding each event, send an email to the address listed for each respective city.

March 3
Atlanta: Shailene Woodley & Theo James – DivergentATL@gmail.com

Orlando: Veronica Roth & Ansel Elgort – DivergentORL2014@alliedim.com

Washington DC: Maggie Q & Mekhi Phifer – DivergentDC2014@alliedtha.com

Denver: Ben Lloyd-Hughes & Christian Madsen – DivergentDEN2014@alliedim.com

March 4
Chicago: Shailene Woodley, Theo James, Ansel Elgort & Veronica Roth – DivergentCHI@gmail.com

Detroit: Maggie Q & Mekhi Phifer – DivergentDET2014@gmail.com

Dallas: Miles Teller & Jai Courtney – DivergentDAL2014@levensongroup.com

St. Louis: Ben Lloyd-Hughes & Christian Madsen – DivergentSTL2014@gmail.com

March 5
Toronto: Shailene Woodley & Theo James – DivergentTOR@eonefilmspromo.com

Minneapolis: Veronica Roth & Ansel Elgort – DivergentMSP2014@gmail.com

San Francisco: Maggie Q & Mekhi Phifer – DivergentSF2014@gmail.com

Phoenix: Miles Teller & Jai Courtney – DivergentPHX2014@gmail.com

Miami: Ben Lloyd-Hughes & Christian Madsen – DivergentMIA2014@alliedim.com

March 6
Seattle: Miles Teller & Jai Courtney – DivergentSEA2014@gmail.com

*Talent availability and dates subject to change.

Will you be attending the red carpets? Who are you most excited to see?