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‘DIVERGENT THINKING’ review (includes excerpt) + giveaway!


The Divergent trilogy has concluded and the movie for the first book in the series will be in theaters in about 2 weeks. Smartpop is releasing a very cool book called Divergent Thinking. The book features YA authors exploring the world that Veronica Roth created in Divergent.

Divergent Faction review: This book is everything and more. Divergent Thinking will keep you up on all of things Divergent factions. The fact that you keep to see the story from everyone’s point of view means a lot to me. We also get to learn why Tris is the way that she is. To be able to hear what Faction divergent people would choose always keeps me interested. It not only gives you a look at what others think,but this Anthology . I recommend this book to everyone that loves Divergent. Trust me when I say you can’t go wrong with Divergent Thinking.


Check out an excerpt from the list:

Excerpt from Elizabeth Norris’ “Ordinary Acts of Bravery”

The Need for Truth

It’s not easy to look at Erudite and find an example of bravery, especially since Jeanine is Erudite’s leader and it’s the thirst for knowledge—to discover what Abnegation is hiding—that drives Caleb to betray Tris. During much of the series, the Erudite are cast as villains, but that’s because, like Dauntless, they have strayed from the tenets of their faction, pursuing knowledge the way the Dauntless pursue

a life free from fear. They’ve become arrogant, choosing to disregard the potential repercussions of their actions. This reckless pursuit of knowledge is what leads Jeanine to torture Tris, in order to develop a better understanding of her Divergence.

But the pursuit of knowledge can also be brave. When Tris and Tobias agree to go outside the compound in Allegiant, they are facing the unknown. Unlike during Dauntless initiation, neither of them is motivated by overcoming their innate fear of the unknown. This time is different—there’s something out there, beyond the city limits, and though it’s scary, they need to know what it is. There are countless dangers that could arise, but after seeing Edith Prior’s video, Tris knows that they have a responsibility to do something with the truth about the city rather than just sit on the news as Evelyn wants. It’s possible that what Tris learns about the world outside the fences will not be something she wants to know, but she knows she needs to seek the truth no matter the cost, and that is brave.

On a personal level, the knowledge she finds doesn’t come without consequences. Tris learns exactly what it means to be “Divergent,” which it turns out is a lot less special than she’d previously been led to believe. It’s not the superpower she’d thought, and it’s no longer armor that Tris can hide behind when she’s afraid. She also learns that her mom knew David and knew about the Bureau and the experiments, and this knowledge about her mother, uncovering the secrets that she had, changes Tris’ impression both of her mother and of her own identity.

It would have been easier, in many ways, for Tris to stay inside the walls, comfortable with her knowledge and understanding of the world. She still would have faced conflict inside the city, but she could have done that without having to change her perception of herself, her mother, or her world. She knows, though, that wouldn’t be the brave choice. After escaping from her near-execution in Insurgent, she values her own life. She’s realized that she wants to live, despite the guilt and the loss she’s experienced, and with that realization, she wants to solve problems without violence and she wants to find the truth about who she is and about what happened to their society.



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