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New TRIS and FOUR Still from DIVERGENT!

A brand new Tris and Four still has surfaced. There is no source for where it came from.

The still features Tris (Shailene Woodley) and Four (Theo James) jumping onto a train.



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New @DIVERGENT Still of WILL revealed!

A brand new Still of Ben Lloyd Hughes as Will has been revealed on the Divergent series tumblr.


Our favorite Erudite transfer – Will!
Come back today at 3PM when we’ll be revealing the official cover for INSIDE DIVERGENT: THE INITIATE’S WORLD. And you can pre-order the book here.

Be sure to stay tuned today at 3pm to see the cover reveal of Inside Divergent: The Initiate’s World.

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New @DIVERGENT Still of Molly + Time Released for Cover Reveal of ‘Inside Divergent:The Initiate’s World’

The Divergent Series tumblr page just shared a brand new still of Amy Newbold as Molly in Divergent. Not only did they share a new still they also shared the time the cover for Inside Divergent: The Initiate’s World.

See the still and caption below:


Oh, Molly!
Ready for more? Follow DivergentOfficial for new stills from INSIDE DIVERGENT: THE INITIATE’S WORLD and check back at 3PM eastern time on 11/27 for the official cover reveal!

Initiates be sure to tune in at 3pm EST to see the cover for Inside Divergent: The Initiates’s World!

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5 New DIVERGENT Stills and Fan Art Contest!

Divergent movie is getting closer and closer. The Divergent movie Tumblr page released 5 new stills from DIVERGENT that were first seen on the Divergent iPad app. They also announced a brand new contest.

Here are the details to the contest:

Dearest fans,
We are sharing 5 stills from Divergent to use for your fabulous fan art.
Create your artwork in PHOTO or GIF format and submit it by either:
1) uploading to our Submit form or
2) tagging it on Tumblr with #Divergent. 
We’ll select your art next week to be part of the DIVERGENT Tumblr page!

New Divergent stills:


Miles Teller as Peter


Jai Courtney as Eric


Mekhi Phifer as Max


Magge Q as Tori Wu

DIVERGENTZoe Kravitz as Christina

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New DIVERGENT Still featuring Tris and Four Meeting for the First Time!

Shailene Woodley is featured on the cover of Elle Magazine’s November issue. In the Issue a brand new still of Tris and Four meeting for the first time was revealed. The image is right before Tris rolls out of the net after jumping off of the building into Dauntless compound. Thanks to our friends over at IamDivergent and Divergentfans.com we have a better look at the new still.


How exciting is this to see when Tris and Four first meet? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Divergent hits theaters on March 21,2014.

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DIVERGENT App Now Available in the App Store!

The release of the Divergent movie is getting closer and closer. Summit has created  Divergent app for the film. The app features new and never before seen still of Edward, Christina, Natalie, Andrew, Tris and Caleb Prior, Tori, Max, Eric, Tobias and Marcus Eaton, Molly, Peter, Will and Al. Thanks to our Affiliates Divergents UK and IamDivergent we have some of the stills.

You can order the DIVERGENT app here.

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New DIVERGENT Still Featuring Tris Preparing to Jump into Dauntless Compound!

We recently got a trailer for Divergent and we’ve been on cloud 9 ever since.

Today I believe we just got bumped up.to cloud 10 because Summit has released a brand new still from the Divergent trailer of Tris. The still features Shailene Woodley as Tris preparing to jump into the Dauntless Compound.

Check it out:


The pictures was captioned “Don’t think. Just jump.” Are you excited to see this scene doing the Divergent movie? Me too.

Divergent hits theaters and IMAX on March 21, 2014.