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Watch: Shirtless Theo James in ‘DIVERGENT’ Featurette!

Vulture has released an exclusive featurette from the home-video release of Divergent. During the video we learn all about the process of the Divergent tattoos.

Now for all of those Theo James fans brace yourselves because Four is shirtless. 


Divergent will be released on Digital Downloadon  July 22 and DVD&Bluray August 5.

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Veronica Roth will have a Spotlight Panel at San Diego Comic Con!


Attending Comic Con? Well now is your chance to see Veronica Roth. V will be on a Spotlight panel along with Walter Jury, Leigh Bardugo and Laini Taylor. The panel will start at Friday, July 25 at 1:00pm

Comic-Con special guest Veronica Roth, author of FOUR: A Divergent Collection, joins authors Walter JuryLeigh Bardugo and Laini Taylor as they divulge what led them on the road to writerdom. From books to movies to comics and more, what are these authors geeking out about? Hear about their literary muses, their author crushes, and all things awe-worthy that inspire them to write the books they write. Moderator Aaron Hartzler will coax the most titillating answers out of these panelists as they dish on their evolutions and revolutions.
Friday July 25, 2014 1:00pm – 2:00pm 
Room 25ABC
Will you be attending?

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Details on ‘DIVERGENT’ DVD/BLU-RAY, Special editions and where to get them!

Trying to figure out where you’ll be getting your Divergent DVD from? Don’t know which DVD comes with what? Now you can make that decision.Below are the different editions of the Divergent DVD and what they will include.
-Deleted Scenes
-Ellie Goulding—“Beating Heart” music video 
-Audio commentary with director Neil Burger 
-Audio commentary with producers Lucy Fisher and Douglas Wick 
-Temporary tattoo sheet
-Deleted Scenes 
-“BRINGING DIVERGENT TO LIFE” (multi-part making-of) 
-Ellie Goulding—“Beating Heart” music video 
-Audio commentary with director Neil Burger 
-Audio commentary with producers Lucy Fisher and Douglas Wick 
-Temporary tattoo sheet
Walmart Exclusive
Blu-ray+DVD+Digital Collector’s Edition with Booklet
-All the features from the national Blu-ray and DVD 
-PLUS 4 additional featurettes
-“Meet Four” 
-“The Look of Divergent” 
-“Behind the scenes of Divergent” 
-AND Includes a 32-Page booklet 
-Excerpt from the upcoming 7/8 release of Veronica Roth’s FOUR, the fourth book in the Divergent book series 
-Includes photo spreads and more
-Temporary tattoo sheet
Target Exclusive
3-Disc Blu-ray+DVD+Digital Deluxe Edition
DVD and BD Details 
-Limited edition with an extra disc of content -SpecialCollectiblePackaging
Special Features 
-All the features from the national Blu-ray and DVD 
-PLUS Disc 3 (DVD) features 45 minutes of exclusive content
-“BEYOND THE INITIATION”—additional cast interviews
-“FACTION FASHIONS”—an inside look at the costumes
-“SETTING THE SCORE”—the film music score
-Includes temporary tattoo sheet
Best Buy Exclusive
Steel Case Blu-Ray + DVD + Digital
-All the features from the national Blu-ray and DVD 
-Exclusive Steel Cases 
-Includes temporary tattoo sheet
The Divergent DVD hits stores on August 5. 

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Noah Oppenheim will adapt ‘ALLEGIANT’ screenplay!


The Hollywood Reporter is reporting that Noah Oppenheim will be adapting Allegiant for the big screen. He will be writing Allegiant Part 1.

Oppenheim also wrote the screenplay for the upcoming adaptation for James Dashner’s The Maze Runner starring Dylan O’Brien.

Doug Wick and Lucy Fisher have stayed on and will produce all 4 films in the Divergent series.



Veronica Roth talks #FOUR

Our girl Veronica Roth has been pretty busy this days, we’re just four days away from ‘Four: A Divergent Story Collection’ her last book for the ‘Divergent’ series. In her last interview for ‘The Hollywood Reporter’ she talks about how it was for her to write from Tobias’ perspective in both ‘Allegiant’ and ‘Four” and how fans have reacted to it:

“Had you always planned for Allegiant to be from both perspectives?”

“No, I really wanted to whole series to be just in Tris’ voice, actually. But when I wrote Allegiant, everything had become so much more complicated than I anticipated, so I really needed an additional perspective to take readers into the parts of the world that Tris wasn’t going to go into. And then there was this great opportunity to show Tris and Four experiencing the same thing and having different reactions, or experiencing different things and reacting to each other.”

“Did feedback from Allegiant affect these stories since that was the first time that you debuted Four’s voice?”

“A little bit. I feel like some amount of criticism helps. A lot of people commented that Four’s voice wasn’t quite distinct enough from Tris. In my mind they felt very different, but on the page that might not come across. So I thought about that a little more. And it felt a little more like it was something for the reader’s than it had before. Whether people liked it or not, the ending of Allegiant affected them emotionally. And so to have something else in the series to show them a little more of a favorite character felt good to write.”

She’s also been nominated for a ‘Teen of Queen’ an award made specially for YA and teen fiction authors! Voting ends on Monday so hurry up. You can vote here.

Lastly, to close this post about our Illinois girl, guess who made it to the Forbes Celebrity 100 list? Veronica did as the #95. If you wanna see who made it and who didn’t click here.

We wish you all a happy 4th of July! Remember to follow us on Twitter for more updates.


Post by Mary Mendez.

Sources: ‘The Hollywood Reporter’ and ‘Forbes’.

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Jai Courtney signs with Bonds Underwear

Our badass aussie has signed with Bonds Underwear and we have to admit that we want him for Christmas!

The brand is considered a national symbol in Australia and has been making underwear since 1918, three years after it was founded.

Jai has recently said that training for ‘Terminator’ has gave him the confidence he needed to undress for Bonds:

“It came about at a time when I was in the throes of having to get into shape for [The Terminator] film I’m working on — so the timing couldn’t have been more perfect for an underwear campaign, that’s for sure,” Courtney said, with a laugh.”

“I guess that alleviated a little of the anxiety that would have come about with the nature of this kind of shoot. But I’m proud to be associated with the brand they’re obviously an iconic part of Australian history really.”

We hope you are as delighted as us, to keep up to date with more ‘Divergent’ news follow us on twitter @DivergentFction.

Post by Mary Mendez.

Via Fangirlish.