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Veronica Roth talks Uriah casting and Allegiant movies with @Vulture!

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Veronica Roth recently talked with Vulture about the casting of Uriah in Insurgent. As we all know Uriah was not in the first movie, Divergent, which was a huge problem for fans.

Here is what Veronica said about Uriah being casted:

They haven’t cast it yet, because he doesn’t need to start shooting for a little while

Her expectations on Uriah’s casting:

I try not to think like that, because if they don’t cast someone who doesn’t fit my very specific mental image, there’s no point in being upset about that — to a certain extent. If they cast a white boy, I would be kind of upset about that. I just try to make sure that I’m clear that it’s very important.

Allegiant being split into 2 parts:

Where would I split it? Probably after they leave the city. Because there’s a lot going on in that early part, and then they leave the city and figure out what’s out there, and I think that makes sense.

Are you excited to see who will be casted as Uriah in Insurgent?



Author: Satin Dents

My name is Satin, I am a huge fan of Veronica Roth and the Divergent series. I started this site because I wanted to inform fans with information on one of my favorite series and author.

One thought on “Veronica Roth talks Uriah casting and Allegiant movies with @Vulture!

  1. http://www.imdb.com/name/nm5240153/ – I think he’s perfect for the role of Uriah! #Uriah #IsaiahforUriah #InsurgentTheMovie #whoshouldplayUriah #DivergentTheMovie #insurgent #newactor #freshface #isaiahjohn #uriahcharacteris17 #shai #tris #robertschwentke #veronicaroth

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