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Veronica Roth to speak and moderate at BookCon!

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Veronica Roth will be attending BookCon this year. She just revealed this on her Tumblr page.

Read the announcement:

NYC, May 31st, BookCon

Hey everyone!

I’m going to be at BookCon in New York City this year, as both a speaker and a moderator. Here are the details:
11:00AM— I’ll be appearing in conversation with Alex London, author of cyberpunk-futuristic-awesomeness PROXY (which I enthusiastically recommended earlier this year) and GUARDIAN (the sequel, which I also enthusiastically recommend, though it’s not out yet). We are going to talk books and sci-fi and I may fangirl a little. You have been warned.

4:15PM— I will also be moderating a panel about YA science fiction/fantasy featuring Marie Lu (LEGEND, PRODIGY, CHAMPION), Alaya Dawn Johnson (THE SUMMER PRINCE), and Danielle Paige (DOROTHY MUST DIE). We put the panel together last week, and BookCon approved it, which means I get to be present (and, you know, asking questions) during what I’m sure will be a fascinating conversation. The timing is excellent, because I loved the Legend books, just finished The Summer Prince, and will soon finish Dorothy Must Die and they are all really awesome and I’m really! Really! Excited! that those attending the con will get to hear from the minds that devised them.

More info on BookCon: here.
If you are attending the conference, I hope to see you there! If you aren’t attending, I hope to see you at some other point this year!


Will you be going to BookCon? Purchase your tickets here.

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