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Interviews and photos with Christian Madsen & Ben Lloyd Hughes from #DivergentTour in Miami!

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Divergent Faction attended the Divergent screening in Miami. I was able to ask Ben Lloyd Hughes(Will) and Christian Madsen(Al) a few questions. I also took a few pictures.

Read the interviews and see the photos below:

DF: How does it feel to be in something that you know is going to be really huge?

Ben: It’s exciting and daunting at the same time because you don’t know how people are going to like it. And weather they’re even going to respond, but you you just hope they aren’t too dissapointed.

DF: A lot of fans actually want to know if you;re on twitter?

Ben: I’m not on twitter. And any account that says it’s me , if they do exists, I don’t know, but it’s not me.

DF: How do you relate to your character Will?

Ben: I relate to him because he’s got a good sense of humor I hope and I like to try and have a good sense of humor. He’s a much kinder person than me and a much kinder soul than me, but I try to be as kind as him.

DF: What was your favorite scene to shoot?

Ben: There’s a scene in the canteen where Shai, Zoe and I get lifted up on everyone’s shoulders and carried around the canteen and that was really fun.

DF: What was it like working with Shailene Woodley?

Christian: It was great. My friend Ken Bowman worked with her on a TV show and he said nothing but nice things about her. When I met her down in the lobby day one it was like we related or something. Very humble very nice on and off camera. So prepared for what this is supposed to become. It was good. I’m so proud of her. I saw the film and she’s incredible in it.

DF: Do you feel you relate to your character Al?

Christian: Yeah 100%. Only so often do you come across something in the breakdown here you’re like “oh this is literally me”. But then you still don’t have a shot because you still have to win people over in the room. Luckily they gave me a chance.

Christian Madsen and Ben Lloyd Hughes:

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photo 5 (1)

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