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Day 8 #DivergentFansiteCountdown Top 5 Scenes Can’t Wait to See in ‘DIVERGENT’!

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Today is day 7 of the Divergent Fansite Countdown.  I have chosen 5 scenes from Divergent that I can’t wait to see. It was pretty hard for me to narrow it down to jut 5 scenes but here goes.

May contain spoilers if you haven’t read Divergent!

5. Four’s fear landscape- I think this scene will be completely incredible. To see all of Four’s fears come to life will be epic. The one I’m am really excited to see is the fear with his dad (Marcus Eaton). Tris finds out more about Tobias through his fear landscape.

4. The Choosing Ceremony- Choosing Ceremony is another key part in Divergent because this is where Tris decides to leave Abnegation for Dauntless. This also leads up to the jumping on and off of the train and the “first jumper” scene.

3. Visiting Day- Natalie Prior is one of my favorite characters in Divergent. I chose visiting day because it is definitely a key part because Tris finds lots if stuff out. Tris’ mom comes to visit her for visiting day at Dauntless. Her mom tells her to go to Erudite compound and tell Caleb to research the simulation serum.  She also ends up finding out that her mom used to be Dauntless.

2. The zip-lining scene- This scene is crucial because this is where Tris figures out she is in the right Faction. She knows that Dauntless is where she is supposed to be. Tris also shows just how brave she is.

1. Ferris Wheel Scene- the Ferris Wheel scene is where we see Tris and Four’s relationship truly start to come together. We also find out one of Four’s fears. Tris really showed just how brave she was by going to the top of the ferris wheel to see the other teams flag. Plus she and Tobias got some alone time together.

Head over to TrisandFour right now to see what 5 scenes they are most excited to see.

Tomorrow head over to Divergent Life for Character profile of Al & Will and Divergent Movies for Chapter 22-26 recap.


Author: Satin Dents

My name is Satin, I am a huge fan of Veronica Roth and the Divergent series. I started this site because I wanted to inform fans with information on one of my favorite series and author.

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