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Shailene Woodley talks DIVERGENT’s Tris + Photo Shoot with Bust Magazine!

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Shailene Woodley

Shailene Woodley did a photo shoot and interview with Bust Magazine where she talked Divergent’s Tris and TFiOS’ Hazel Grace.

During the interview Shai talks about what she felt when she was offered the role of Tris,

“I found out I got it and I said no at first” She the talked to her mom about it and her mom said “That seems so unlike you. Even though you love the character and you love the story and you love what it stands for, you’re gonna say no just  because it’s $90 million and not $9 million?”‘ Shai says something then clicked for her after that.

Shai also talked about women in Hollywood saying “I feel like we’ve skipped a generation, we had like the Ashley Judds(Natalie Prior in Divergent) the Sigourney Weavers, the Demi Moores and then it sort of faded and went to a period of making women appear dumb, like they had no worth in the intelligence arena. Now there’s this reemergence and the fact that I get to be part of another cycle is so exciting. I plan to do some major shit with it.”

To read the reast of Bust’s interview with Shailene Woodly check out the scans below.







Shailene Woodley




You can see Shailene Woodley as Tris in Divergent on March 21st.

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