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WATCH: First DIVERGENT Clip is Here!

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Yahoo movies has revealed the first clip from Divergent.

Watch the clip below:


Here is the Youtube version:

Yahoo Movies also shared a few reasons why Theo James’ Four is better than Edward Cullan

Here are seven reasons why Theo James’s Four clearly trumps Robert Pattinson’s Edward:

1. Sexy Back Tat

Imagine that massive tattoo, depicting all the factions, on Edward’s pasty back. Yeah, it just wouldn’t be as hot.

2. Physical Prowess

While James and Pattinson both stand at 6’1″ in real life, James is simply more athletic-looking. Look at those muscles! “Paul Newman crossed with Bruce Lee,” is how “Divergent” director Neil Burger described James during our recent visit to his edit bay.

3. Hard-Edged Man

Four is tough. Burger told us recently, “He’s a real man… he’s an incredible fighter.” Edward could fight when he had to, but he showed a whole lot of his soft side most of the time.

4. He’s a Revolutionary

As a “divergent,” and a leader within the Dauntless faction, Four fights against societal oppression. He fights for the people! Yeah, Edward fights too, but his main focus is to protect his own interests β€” keeping Bella and the rest of the Cullens safe.

5. Human Powered

Four doesn’t rely on supernatural abilities like Edward does. He is supremely disciplined and has worked hard for his many talents. Though Edward perhaps wins some points over Four for his flying abilities. (Four, tragically, is afraid of heights!)

6. Tough Love

Edward was compelled by Bella β€” and the smell of her blood β€” from the moment he met her. But with Four, Tris really has to prove herself. “We found someone who intimidated [Woodley],” Burger said, explaining that it was important to give the role of Four to someone who conveyed more physical and mental power. “Theo has that and he had that effect on Shailene,” he said. The two actors also have natural chemistry, according to Burger. “They really cared for each other, kind of amused each other, and were kind of turned on by each other.”

7. Cooler Nickname

Even Pattinson himself said he hated the nickname fans gave him: RPats. Some James fans have built on his first name to come up with “Theories” to describe their own fan faction. It just might stick.

What are your thoughts on the first Divergent clip?

See Divergent in full on March 21, 2014.

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