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Forbes Talks What Separates DIVERGENT or City of Bones from Twilight or The Hunger Games!

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There has been a slue of YA book film adaptation these days. It doesn’t take much to compare them to each other. After all they all were books first right? Forbes has written an article stating what separates Divergent from Twilight or The Hunger Games.

“It’s about a boy who goes to a boarding school for wizards.”  ”It’s about a high school girl who falls for a vampire.”  ”It’s about poor kids forced to kill each other in a game show to entertain the wealthy.”  I’ve just given you one-sentence explanations of the basic plot lines for three of the biggest fantasy film franchises of the last 12 years.  Here’s another one: “It’s set in a future world where people are divided into distinct factions based on their personalities.”  Need more?  ”Tris Prior is warned she is Divergent and will never fit into any one group. When she discovers a conspiracy to destroy all Divergents, she must find out what makes being Divergent so dangerous before it’s too late.”  From a marketing standpoint, what separates the plot ofThe Hunger Games from Divergent?  I don’t have to use up an entire paragraph explaining The Hunger Games. The same goes for next week’s City of Bones: The Mortal Instruments.  I’ll have to use another paragraph to explain that one too. When it comes to marketing new young-adult fantasy literature properties, simplicity is key.

I hope that Lionsgate’s Divergent is a big hit when it comes out on March 21, 2014 in glorious 2D IMAX. I’ve long argued that young-adult literary adaptations could well-be the female-skewing blockbuster alternative to the boy-centric superhero films that dominate multiplexes.  Plus, Shailene Woodley deserves some karmic payback over the whole Amazing Spider-Mansituation. But what we see in the would-be ‘next Hunger Games‘ or ‘next-Twilight Saga‘ is a series of fantasy pictures that don’t necessarily lend themselves to simple summaries. While I would never demand simple or uncomplicated narratives in fantasy franchises, you do need either a simple explanation of what happens or a simple reason to relate to the fantastical story being offered. A great trailer can also sell a tone that wins people over without spelling out the narrative which we pay $10 to see onscreen.  When you’re deciding whether or not to play a game, are you more focused on the rules of the game, or whether the game looks fun to play?\

To read the rest pf the article click here.

Initiates what are your views on this?

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My name is Satin, I am a huge fan of Veronica Roth and the Divergent series. I started this site because I wanted to inform fans with information on one of my favorite series and author.

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