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Tony Goldwyn Talks Prior Family Chemistry in DIVERGENT with Hollywood Crush!

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MTV’s Hollywood Crush interviewed Tony Goldwyn (Andrew Prior) earlier this week. He talked Divergent, director Neil Burger and more.

When Hollywood Crush caught up with Tony earlier this week, he revealed that Tris’ big leap into the Dauntless headquarters is one of the scenes he’s most excited about seeing in finished form. That, of course, was one of the trailer’s highlights. But Tony, who plays Andrew Prior, the father of our heroine, is also looking forward to seeing a couple of scenes he was actually in.

“We had a wonderful scene that I participated in which was the family together the night before the choosing ceremony,” he said. “It was very good casting of the four of us, Shailene and Ashley [Judd] and Ansel [Elgort], the family, the Priors. We just had this great chemistry together and really felt like a family [living in] the world that Neil [Burger, director] created visually of the Abnegation. We had these two really wonderful days shooting these two scenes, and I’m really excited to see how those turn out.”

If you missed it check out this wonderful family photo Ansel Elgort shared in June.


Our Andrew Prior also talks the Divergent book and Neil Burger:

“The book is so wonderful, but being a movie, Neil brought incredible dimension to the different worlds and the factions. It’s really rich and complicated. We have such a great cast… It was a really great experience.”

When asked if he thought Veronica Roth would bring his character Andrew Prior back to life.

“I doubt it. Veronica Roth said, flatteringly, one of her biggest regrets is that she didn’t write Andrew into the other books, that she killed Andrew off, so I don’t think there’s much hope for a resurrection of the ghost of Andrew. But we’ll see.”

You can see Tony Goldwyn and the rest of the Prior family in Divergent, in theaters on March 21, 2014.

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