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New ‘DIVERGENT’ stills featuring Shailene Woodley, Theo James and Amy Newbold in People Magazine!

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In this week’s People Magazine DIVERGENT is featured. People interviewed Shailene Woodley and Theo James.

Thanks to @epnebelle for sharing!


Theo James on Four:

He’s thoughtful as well as strong. There’s a quiet masculinity.

Shailene Woodley on the stunts:

I’m such a physical person. I wish they would let me do more stunts.

Photos clockwise from left to right.
Shailene Woodley as Tris, Shailene Woodley as Tris climbing the train, Theo James as Four and Amy Newbold as Molly in Dauntless training and Theo James and Shailene Woodley as Four and Tris.

Author: Satin Dents

My name is Satin, I am a huge fan of Veronica Roth and the Divergent series. I started this site because I wanted to inform fans with information on one of my favorite series and author.

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