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New ‘DIVERGENT’ set photos! Is it time for the Choosing Ceremony?!

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Filming for Divergent is coming to an end. Today and tomorrow the cast and crew are filming a very key scene… the Choosing Ceremony!

The Choosing Ceremony is when factions are chosen. We all know what happens when Tris goes up to choose which faction she wants to be in right? She places her hand over the coals and chooses Dauntless.

People on set today were Kate Winslet(Jeanine), Ray Stevenson(Marcus Eaton), Ashley Judd (Natalie Prior), Shailene Woodley(Tris Prior), Ansel Elgort(Caleb Prior) and more.

Today a few fans have share photos from the Divergent set. The photos are of kids from the factions heading into the Choosing Ceremony. Most of the extras seem to be wearing either Abnegation or Amity clothing.

They are shooting at Seventeen Church if Christ on East Wacker in downtown Chicago. The church fits close to 800 people so it is perfect for the Choosing Ceremony.









A couple of the extras also shared photos



@dion_live shared a photo of him our Christina, Zoe Kravitz. Dion revealed that he is an ERUDITE extra and has a really small part in the film.


Initiates, what do you think of the location? Sound off in the comments below.

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