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Fan meets two cast members on ‘Divergent’ set!

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A very lucky fan Patty, got the chance to meet two cast members on the set of Divergent in Chicago. @pattycakezo posted to her Tumblr to give us details of her great encounter with Christian Madsen who is playing Al and Amy Newbold who is playing Molly.

After hours of looking around the set Patty had success in meeting two wonderful people from the Divergent cast. Christian and Amy were both at the Chicago Bulls game last night and were visiting the set afterwards. Patty saw them and was able to get their autographs and a picture with each of them.

Check out her Tumblr post:

So..what a day my fellow initiates aka Divergent fans. Finals are over….and my job finally gave me a day off, so I decided to go take a look where they were filming today. There was so much action going on ..as in white vans driving people from the trailers  to the  set back and forth ( thank baby jebus for the Bulls game and Cubs game on the radio..although they both lost L )   I was hanging out by the set and was pretty sure I spotted Shailene getting into one of the white vans..though not 100% sure. Finally after waiting by the trailers for a bit, I spotted a very familiar face, it was Christian Madsen who is playing AL in the movie! He was walking towards the set.. I freaked out and choked and didn’t ask for an autograph L  So then I waited outside the set for a while until he came back out with this pretty young thing. (It was Amy Newbold who is playing Molly) Again I froze because I’m not dauntless…I drove around and saw them get into their car and head straight towards me.. I grew a pair of cajones and asked them to stop..at First only Amy saw me ..and kept going…she then made a u-turn and came back around … And guys let me tell you, they are the sweetest people ever…lol they both signed my book and took pictures with me (I however will not show my face online because it will ruin the picture ha! ) lol I asked if they were filming, negative, just visiting the set, they were actually at the Bulls game earlier.


Amy’s autograph


Christian’s autogrpah


Amy Newbold (Molly)


Christian Madsen (Al)

tumblr_mmmhgiFPF81qemvwfo3_500              tumblr_mmmhgiFPF81qemvwfo6_400

So there’s that.. There was definitely some filming going on inside the warehouse though an awesome purple light could be seen from the alley ( Four and Shailene in there that’s all I’m saying) .. I apologize for the terrible grammar and patchy blog post.. I’m still startruck lol . next time( if there’s a next time) I’ll have to at least do my hair!  Stop giggling while talking to them.. I went blank..didn’t even remember where I lived when they asked lol  Also if anyone else plans on snooping… all advice I can give is be respectful ..to security, PA’s and stuff.. I kept my distance and tried not to be “all up in their business”  and just let them do their jobs.. well until another time.. Peace out people! And remember #BeBrave lol Again I can’t say enough how nice they were for turning around, stopping and having a chit chat….and of course for supporting our local Sports Teams! Woot Woot!!  ❤

Love the pictures Patty. Thank you so much for sharing them.

Author: Satin Dents

My name is Satin, I am a huge fan of Veronica Roth and the Divergent series. I started this site because I wanted to inform fans with information on one of my favorite series and author.

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