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WATCH: New ‘DIVERGENT’ clip featuring Max!

A brand new Divergent clip was revealed this morning when Mekhi Phifer was being interviewed on the Today Show. Mekhi talks how his kids thinks he’s cool because of his role in Divergent.

Watch it below:

See Mekhi as Max in Divergent on March 21st.

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Ellie Goulding talks the meaning behind DIVERGENT’s “Beating Heart” with MTV!

Ellie Goulding talked with MTV about her song on the Divergent soundtrack “Beating Heart”. The video for Divergent’s “Beating Heart” will premiere tomorrow on MTV at 7:53pm ET along with Shailene Woodley(Tris) and Theo James(Four).

Watch the behind the scenes look at the video and Ellie’s explanation of “Beating Heart” below:

Screenshot (67)

Divergent hits theaters on March 21st.

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Free IMAX screening of ‘DIVERGENT’ with Jai Courtney(Eric) and director Neil Burger!

Divergent will be hitting theaters sooner than you think.

Hero Complex will host a free IMAX screening of “Divergent” on Wednesday, March 19, at the AMC Burbank 16 & IMAX in Burbank beginning at 7:30 p.m.

Following the screening, “Divergent” actor Jai Courtney, director Neil Burger and producers Lucy Fisher and Doug Wick will be on hand for a Q&A moderated by Hero Complex contributor Rebecca Keegan.

To RSVP for the IMAX screening, log on to www.latimes.com/Divergent starting at 10 a.m. Wednesday; RSVPs will close as soon as the screening is full.

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Eric hangs Christina over the chasm in new ‘DIVERGENT’ clip!

This week is Divergent week on Moviefone! They will be premiering a week’s worth of exclusive features — video, behind-the-scenes blogs, concept art, and more.

In this brand new clip from Divergent exclusively revealed by Moviefone Eric hangs Christina over the chasm.

See Divergent in theaters on March 21st. You can purchase your tickets now.


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